1955 Born in Miami, FL

1973 Graduated from Concord Academy,          Concord, MA

1975-77 Street Artist making scrimshaw in San Francisco, CA

1979 Graduated from Harvard College with AB in Fine Arts

1979-1980 Studio assistant in graphic design, VideoFashion, Inc New York City

1980-1983 Illustrator to Dept of Education Tallahassee, FL followed by promotion to position of Cabinet Aide/speechwriter for Commissioner of Education, Ralph Turlington

1983-85 Apprenticeship to portrait artist, Henry Barnes, Atlanta, GA

1985-88 Fine Artist in Atlanta, GA

               Collections include judicial portraits in the Cherokee County, GA Courthouse,  official portrait of State Senator  Culver Kidd,  numerous private collections

1988-2004 Fine Artist in New York City       Collections include the French Culinary Institute, Vice Chairman of Smith Barney, R H Lessin, Johnson and Johnson family, Chef Bobby Flay, Anthony Bourdain,  Francois Payard, Robert Towbin, Stuart Woods and numerous more in New York and around the world

1988-present      Selected shows at Lincoln Center, Tribeca 143, 12 White St in New York City and in Buenos Aires, Rome, Paris, Mexico, Florida

1991-1993 Owner Cynthia McCallister Gallery at 560 Broadway, NYC

1999-2001 Studio in Trastevere/Rome

2001 Solo Show Grand Hotel, Paris

2004-2009 Essex, CT.  Represented by Garvin Gallery, Smith/Erickson Gallery, 184 Main Gallery.  Munson Gallery in Chatham, MA and in Santa Fe, New Mexico

2009  Jupiter, FL.  Represented by Studio E Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens, Wynne Falconer Gallery in Chatham, MA. Shown at Lighthouse Center for the Arts

2016  West Palm Beach, FL. Studio/Gallery at 1608 South Dixie Hwy

1018  Art Boca 2018 in Boca Raton, FL 

2018  Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom at 500 No Dixie Highway Lake Worth, FL


I began my career as an artist almost 35 years ago as a portrait painter. After over a decade of focusing primarily on my love for painting the face, I chose to explore the human form from a different perspective, i.e., through mannerisms, gestures and body rather than facial expression.  The face captures the viewer's attention and all else becomes secondary. I decided to turn that around. Now my paintings are about how much I can leave out while still telling the story. The viewer is still able to read a narrative within my canvases but must finish the story him or herself. I supply the suggestion and the viewer must bring his own experience into the picture to complete it. My quest is to pare down the forms, my brushwork and the image to the bare essentials. In this way, every stroke becomes significant. While I paint in oils, my approach is almost watercolor-like. Once placed, a line of charcoal or stroke of paint cannot be removed or covered so it has to be right the first time. I intentionally do not overpaint or even seemingly finish the paintings to achieve a freshness and deceptive simplicity.  My quest is to use the figurative model to create abstract compositions, to show rugged strength of form within a context of beauty.

From a rooftop in Rome to a loft in Soho to a pied a terre in Buenos Aires, I have always found my travels to provide an opportunity for creative work. My first inspiration for turning the backs on my portrait studies began in Venice with waiters in outdoor cafes. Eventually, I was invited into the kitchens of many of the great restaurants of Paris and New York to draw and paint the choreographed dance that I saw when studying chefs at work. This year, I finally took my study of the human dance directly to dance itself and have worked with the members of Ballet Florida here in West Palm Beach as well as using studies gathered in the past from the Paris Ballet in L'Opera.

Please visit my booth at the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Center at 500 North Dixie Highway in Lake Worth, FL to see more of my work or contact me directly at 917-592-3414 if you would like to arrange a studio visit at 1815 So Olive Ave Unit 2 in West Palm Beach, FL